A trademarked method for detecting and correcting errors in human thinking. It eliminates the double-talk which confuses, abuses, and corrupts our language. Jessie's textbook is B, A Capital Tale and an accompanying workbook. Coaching is offered individually and in classes online.

Singing along at a Rodgers and Hammerstein SING with Jessie Barth evokes the freedom, romance, and joy that these musicals have inspired since Oklahoma! debuted in 1943. Followed by Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I, The Sound of Music, and others, this great American R&H Songbook and the singers come alive with every song.
OSCAR AND I encompasses all of Jessie’s projects related to the life, lyrics, and legacy of Oscar Hammerstein II, father of the modern American musical. This includes a blog, book, theatrical presentations, lectures, peace-related activities, and sing-alongs.
RED Carpet words
When confused, pained, or in doubt, Red Carpet Words will comfort and save you with an assurance you can trust. Join our community of thinkers who strive to "walk" 24/7 on our own Red Carpet of single-minded goodness and success.
news & Events
Oct 6th, 2015
The Art Council for Wyoming County’s Fashion as Art Exhibit and Fashion Show

Nov 2nd, 2014
South Pacific SING! on November 2nd at the Michener Art Museum.


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